Why You Need a Halogen Oven, Facts and Fears

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Have you heard about the halogen Oven? Do you know you can have an all-in-one appliance that can cook, bake, roast, air fry, steam, and broil your meals? Of course, you can. You don’t need to have multiple gadgets performing different functions when just one appliance can do it judiciously. And not just judiciously, but also faster and healthier.

Why you need a halogen oven

This all-in-one kitchen appliance is the Halogen Oven. It is the 21st-century kitchen appliance for the modern kitchen. Unlike the traditional microwave or electric oven, the halogen oven is more versatile and takes up little space because of its compact nature. Halogen ovens are not only more energy-efficient than an electric, gas, or microwave oven; they also prepare meals faster. Just like the air fryer (which is the modern-day appliance for frying meals), the Halogen Oven is the modern-day oven with multi-functional qualities.

The halogen oven gets its name from the technology behind it. It is basically a type of oven that uses a halogen lamp as its heating element. It is used mainly for preparing food in different forms like grilling, roasting, steaming, baking, broiling, and air frying.

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Feature of a Halogen Oven

Feature of a Halogen Oven

A halogen oven consists of the following features:

  1. A halogen lamp for the cooking process
  2. A fan to circulate the heat and ensure the food is well-cooked
  3. A large durable glass bowl where the food is placed
  4. Metal cooking racks to support the food
  5. A top control panel with temperature controls that also serve as the lid

How does it work?

How a Halogen Oven works

Overall, a halogen oven consists of a glass bowl with a lid that contains a fan and halogen bulbs. When switched on, beams of infrared radiation are released from the halogen bulbs to produce heat. The fan circulates hot air over and around the food to cook. Halogen ovens can be used to roast, grill, bake, steam, barbecue, or dehydrate food, with no need for preheating.

The halogen oven works by producing heat through halogen lights and then this heat is spread all through the oven by the fan. The temperature inside is controlled by a thermostat, which turns on and off automatically.

This is a simple appliance that is not complex to use. All that is required is to be familiar with the control knobs and voila, you are on your way to enjoying sumptuous healthy meals in less time and with less energy.

Why you need a Halogen Oven

Why you need a Halogen Oven

1. Safety is guaranteed with the halogen oven designs, and most come with an automatic kill switch feature which is triggered when you open the lid.

2. It is a perfect kitchen appliance that saves you money because there will be no need to have a separate gadget for grilling, air frying, cooking, etc.

3. It is a versatile and multi-functional appliance that cooks, bakes, grills, roasts, steams, air fries, and defrosts.

4. The halogen dish is transparent so at a glance you can see your food cooking.

5. It requires little or no oil to prepare your food. Healthy meals are also assured because it locks in nutrients in the prepared food and collects the oil drips from the food.

6. It is 3 times faster than other ovens

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7. The use of halogen lamps means that heating is easier to control and that you do not need to wait for a long time in order for the oven to heat up. Thus, cooking is a lot easier and simpler for people who are in a hurry.

8. With the thermostat you are guaranteed that your food will not be burnt and that it will be well cooked in the right temperature and texture.

9. A non-complex appliance that is very easy to use. Very easy to assemble and super easy to clean by simply filling the glass bowl with water and turning on the machine to clean itself.

10. Not as big as the other ovens. Which makes it a space saver. And it can easily be moved outdoors like when camping.

What food can I prepare with the Halogen Oven?

What food can I prepare with the Halogen Oven

Basically, most foods can be prepared in a halogen oven. Some of them are; Yam, potato, chicken, turkey, pies, sausages, pizza, and much more. Essentially any food that you can grill, roast, steam, broil, or air fry can be prepared in the halogen oven.

How safe are meals prepared with this appliance?

Perhaps you are concerned about the safety of eating food prepared with a halogen oven. You need not worry as the latest scientific research has proven that infrared cooking is completely safe.

According to the Centre of Food Safety- Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region “Microwaves are typically not good for grilling and baking because food cooked in a microwave oven does not normally become brown and crispy. That is why grill microwave ovens and similar products such as infrared heaters and halogen ovens (turbo cookers) are developed as energy-efficient alternatives to conventional ovens.

In general, these cookers carry an emitter (infrared heating element) that releases infrared radiation. When food is exposed to radiation, large amounts of energy are transferred in a short time. The energy induces water molecules and organic compounds, such as proteins and starches, to vibrate/rotate, producing heat to kill microorganisms and give the food a brown and crispy surface.

In the food industry, infrared is used as a means of thermal disinfection to inactivate bacteria, spores, yeast, and mold in both liquid and solid food. Disinfection via infrared can allow freshly baked bread to enjoy a longer shelf-life without the addition of preservatives. It can also be applied to dehydrate vegetables for preservation”.

Moreover, it is advised that you follow food safety rules and regulations to get the most from your cooking and be safe.

Things to consider when buying a Halogen Oven

Things to consider when buying a Halogen Oven

1. Your Space: The available kitchen space should determine the size of the halogen oven to buy. You should also ensure that the dimensions of the halogen oven you intend to buy will fit into the available space.

2. Weight: An average halogen oven weighs up to 10kg. Ensure you are comfortable with the weight. You may also want to ensure that it is placed where it will not require moving it often.

3. Cooking Power: This is very important as the power determines the power of the bulb and its energy output. The energy output in turn affects the cooking speed. For instance, a 1300W will cook food faster than a 900W.

4. Temperature Control: You should also carefully consider temperature control. Does the device have a temperature dial so you can easily cook different food? Does it support any functions like charcoal grilling, steaming, or broiling? Is there a timer so you can use recipe books and cook your food to perfection? Also, check if you can safely and conveniently add water to the device during cooking.

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5. Capacity: Ideally, the capacity is specified in liters. This denotes the capacity of the main food glass bowl. Smaller ovens have a cooking capacity of 10 to 12 liters, whereas you can also buy larger models that have a capacity of 17 liters or more. What capacity you want depends on the types of food you intend to cook, and how many people you typically cook for.

There are also ways to increase the capacity by buying extension rings which could be a good option if you need to cook food for larger groups. This should however not be a problem as most halogen oven comes with an extension ring.

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