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20 Cooking Utensils and Gadgets for a Stressless Christmas

Here are the top 20 cooking utensils and gadgets you need in your home for a stressless Christmas.

Christmas is that time of the year that comes with lots of cooking. It’s a holiday season of feasting, celebrating, and partying with family, friends, colleagues, and even our community. It’s a season of love and sharing.

cooking utensils and gadgets - Christmas cooking

Cooking is a major part of the Christmas season. We spend more time in the kitchen preparing sumptuous recipes to thrill our loved ones and guests; as such it is very important to prepare ahead to prevent last-minute rush.

One major way of preparing for this season is having the right Christmas gadgets and utensils that will make cooking easy and prepping stress-free.

Here are our top 20 cooking utensils and gadgets for all your Christmas cooking. These utensils and gadgets are also wonderful gifts to present to family and friends this Christmas.

1. Air fryer

cooking utensils and gadgets - air fryer

Air fryer is the top on my list because of its versatility. With an air fryer this Christmas; you are sure to prepare healthy delicious chicken recipes. After all, what is Christmas without a sumptuous meal of rice and chicken?

It’s also fast as you can prepare a whole chicken at a time in an air fryer. With an air fryer, you save calories and cost because you do not need much oil to enjoy crispy, well-seasoned delicious chicken and fries.

Aside from chicken, air fryers can also bake, roast, and even cook your meals. It’s a time-saving appliance, easy to use, and super easy to clean.

We have different brands, sizes, and types of air fryers to choose from. Wondering how to know the right airfryer to buy, check out this article.

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2. Vegetable/Pepper Slicer or chopper

cooking utensils and gadgets - vegetable chopper

Reduce your prepping time with a pepper or vegetable chopper. With all the prepping you will be doing this Christmas, have a chopper ready for fast dicing, slicing, and shredding of your carrots, onions, and other veggies. Instead of using your hands, give a vegetable chopper a try.

The chopper is one of the cooking utensils and gadgets that will help you a lot this Christmas. Simply toss in your ingredients and chop them to your desired size and texture.

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3. Knives & knife sharpeners

cooking utensils and gadgets - knives

How good are your knives? With all the cutting and food-prepping activities you will be doing in your kitchen this Christmas, you should ensure your knives are in the best working condition. You don’t want to spend a longer time cutting food items with a blunt knife or put yourself at risk of getting injured. Yes, a blunt knife can cause injuries and cuts. Read this guide to handling kitchen knives to learn more.

Aside from the longer time, blunt knives also require you to press on harder for them to work. Thus, food items can easily slip thereby exposing you to cuts. So be sure to sharpen your knife ahead of the Christmas cooking and if you need a change of knife, visit our shop to get new knives. If you also want to sharpen your knives, you should also get our knife sharpener.

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4. Cookware Set

cooking utensils and gadgets - cookware

This is the best time to ensure you have enough cooking pots, pans, and cooking spoons to cope with all the Christmas cooking is now. There are various cookware sets out there and you might get confused about the right cookware to buy; this cookware guide will help you. And if you are looking forward to building your own cookware collection, you should definitely read this article.

You should also check if you may need bigger pots for bulk cooking to prevent the stress of cooking in batches.

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5. Blender

cooking utensils and gadgets - blender

What is Christmas cooking without one of the most important cooking utensils and gadgets – a highly effective blender? With a good blender this Christmas, you are sure to enjoy a pleasant time in the kitchen even if you are a beginner cook.

Simply pour in your food ingredients, turn on the button of your blender, and blend in a few minutes. Voila! There you have your smooth blended pepper, tomatoes, beans, and other food ingredients ready for sauce, soup, and other food recipes.

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6. Potato Peeler

cooking utensils and gadgets - potato peeler

Instead of stressing and wasting time over peeling potatoes, a potato peeler will make the work seamless for you. A potato peeler can also serve as a vegetable peeler. This kitchen utensil though small in size will save you lots of time and energy in your food preparation this Christmas.

This handy utensil comes with a sharp blade to easily peel the outer skin of your carrots, potatoes, and other food ingredients. You can check out our potato peelers in the shop. The price is as small as its size.

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7. Pressure Pots

cooking utensils and gadgets - pressure pot

Save cooking energy this Christmas by simply using pressure pots to prepare your meals. Pressure pots save over 50% cooking time because they cook food faster in a sealed chamber that traps the steam generated as your food is heated.

This higher temperature shortens cooking times and locks in the food nutrients. So take advantage of a pressure pot to reduce your electric bill or cooking energy, while also having more time for more fun activities this Christmas.

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8. Kitchen Shears

cooking utensils and gadgets - kitchen shears

Don’t go about this Christmas cooking opening packs of food ingredients with your teeth. With lots of food packs to open, it’s best you get a kitchen shear. Kitchen Shears can also be used to cut meat, vegetables, etc.

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9. Yam pounder

cooking utensils and gadgets - yam pounder

If you are from certain regions where Christmas celebration is not complete without eating pounded yam; you should consider getting a yam pounder. This will allow you to enjoy the deliciousness of pounded yam without the stress that comes with manual pounding.

We have available durable 100% copper yam pounders to choose from.

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10. Fruity Ice cream maker

Enjoy fruity healthy desserts with family and friends this Christmas with a fruity ice cream maker. Simply put in your frozen fruits and viola, you have a bowl of nourishing fruity creamy ice cream.

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11. Mixing bowls

cooking utensils and gadgets

Mixing bowls will help you a great deal this Christmas. Since there will be much cooking, baking, and other food preparations; it’s ideal to have several bowls of different sizes available. A mixing bowl will help with storage, working dough, mixing dry ingredients, mixing salads, food organization, and more.

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12. Chop boards

cooking utensils and gadgets

Get your chop boards ready for all your slicing, cutting, dicing, and other food-prepping needs this Christmas. You may want to consider adding one or two if you already have one to ensure you have one handy immediately if you need it.

Also, it is important to have more than one chopping board to prevent cross-contamination when cooking and to ensure cooking a healthy meal. You can read all about it in this post about tips for maintaining food safety and hygiene in the home.

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13. Tong

cooking utensils and gadgets

With all the chicken you will be preparing at Christmas, it is best to flip them using a tong to prevent scalding. Whether you like silicon, stainless steel, or nonstick, you can choose from our varieties here.

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14. Measuring cups

The cooking utensils and gadgets list is not complete without measuring cups. This Christmas, stop guessing the amount of salt, baking powder, or flour you need to put in your meals and get measuring cups to do the job for you.

Measuring cups will help your recipe come out deliciously perfect because using measuring cups will help you use the right amount of food ingredients.

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15. Colanders

Your kitchen is not set for Christmas cooking if you don’t have colanders. Having 2 or more colanders will ensure you always have one ready for all the rinsing and sieving of your food ingredients.

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16. Tabletop tissue holder

You want to make sure your kitchen retains its neatness despite the heavy cooking at Christmas. This tissue holder will help you wipe your hands easily after each chore and also quickly and easily wipe your countertops intermittently during cooking.

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17. Baking pan

For those who will be baking this Christmas, this is a utensil you don’t want to ignore. Check to ensure the ones you have are in good condition, if not get new ones to prevent last-minute delay.

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18. Storage containers

Having enough storage containers will help you prep your food ingredients ahead of Christmas and also allow you to properly store them in the fridge or freezer. With much cooking at Christmas, the containers will act as storage for leftovers. A must-have cooking utensils and gadgets.

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19. Disposables

Have disposable plates, cups, and cutlery handy when going on picnics or other outings this Christmas. Doing this will go a long way in allowing you to have more time for fun activities. It is another cooking utensils and gadgets to have.

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20. Whisk

For those who will be baking and making pastries this Christmas holiday; one of the important cooking utensils and gadgets I’d recommend is a whisk. It will help you to blend ingredients such as egg whites or heavy cream together quickly for a sumptuous result. If you don’t have a whisk, you can also use a stand or hand mixer. It saves time and energy.

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Other cooking utensils and gadgets you can also get are:

Dinnerware, side plates, teacups and saucers, porcelain plates and mugs, spoons, cooking spoon sets, and many others. Shop the store for your kitchenware needs.

Christmas cooking does not have to be filled with a lot of stress. I hope you enjoy a festive Christmas filled with a lot of happy meals with these cooking utensils and gadgets.

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