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10 ways to use your air fryer to make cooking easy and fast for you

10 ways to use your air fryer to make cooking easy and fast for you

Thinking of getting an air fryer or do you have one already? Here are 10 intriguing ways to use your air fryer to simplify cooking.

Your air fryer can do so much more for you. You probably got it because you heard all about the hype or you got it because you really wanted something much better than your bake oven, or maybe you got it because they were selling at a discount in the mall, or just maybe because… (fill in the blank).

Air fryer - scanfrost

Whatever reason you got your air fryer, I’m glad you have one. And if you are reading this article because you don’t know if you should get an air fryer then you should read this article on air fryers. If you are ready to buy, check out our shops for air fryers, to begin the journey to easy and seamless cooking.

Without much talk, here are the 10 ways your air fryer can simplify cooking for you.

10 ways to use your air fryer to make cooking easy and fast for you

Use your air fryer to boil eggs

boiled eggs - ways to use your air fryer

I am starting with this because it is the simplest, easiest, but sometimes time-wasting food to boil. Eggs are usually boiled in hot water or put into the food you are about to cook to save time and resources. 

If you forget to put it in your rice or pasta while cooking, you might have to find a separate way to boil your egg. Putting it in hot water can definitely take time. However, with the air fryer, you can get a hard-boiled egg in 15 minutes. But you have to be prepared for some trial and error on the first try. Just pour some water in your air fryer and place your egg inside, set the timer, and wait till it boils.

Use your air fryer to fry crispy chicken

crispy chicken - ways to use your air fryer

One of the non-negotiable advantages of an air fryer is its ability to fry your chicken to a crisp brown texture while leaving the inside soft and yummy—while using little to no oil. If you have ever tried it say “I hear you” (lol).

I hope you know you can fry a whole chicken to crisp in your air fryer. So, during Christmas or Thanksgiving, instead of using your oven, try your air fryer and give me feedback on how it went. All it takes is a total of 10 minutes. Fry your chicken to crisp for the first 5-7 minutes, then flip the chicken so the other part can fry well for 3-5 minutes, then your chicken is ready.

If you want to make the most delicious chicken recipes, look no further, an air fryer is all you need. 

Use your air fryer for reheating

for reheating - ways to use your air fryer

Sometimes, we face different problems when trying to reheat leftovers or cooked meals. One time, I got this soup from my mom and I wanted to reheat it in the oven so I can enjoy the meal when it’s hot.

I used a microwaveable plastic container but by the time I checked the oven, the plastic had rusted. Apparently, I mistakenly turned the oven knob to the highest instead of the lowest. 

Another time, I decided not to use plastic, so I used a breakable ceramic plate. I left it in there for a long time and when I would come to check, the plate had gotten very hot, so I thought the reheating was done. I brought the food out with my oven mitt and alas, only the plate was hot, the meal inside was as cold as ice. 

I was too tired to put it back in. I know I probably have to work my way around how to use an oven, however, with an air fryer, you don’t need to do so much work. 

All you have to do is pour in the food that needs reheating and set the timer. In 5-10 minutes, your food is hot, fresh, and ready. 

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Use your air fryer for baking

baking - ways to use your air fryer

Just so you know; if your oven can do it, your air fryer can too. You can use your air fryer to bake cakes, cookies, muffins, and name it, anything else you enjoy baking. To bake in an air fryer, it takes about 15-20 minutes. Air fryers are known for baking for a short period of time. They take lesser to bake than an oven.

Use your air fryer for roasting

for roasting - ways to use your air fryer

Air fryers are the real deal! They can roast too! If you are looking to roast potatoes, fish, veggies, meat, chicken, turkey, etc. Look no further, get your air fryer and get to roasting. Set your air fryer to 375-425 F then leave your meal to roast for about 15-20 minutes or more if you have to flip it.

Use your air fryer to toast your bread

for toasting bread - ways to use your air fryer

Can you imagine it? You can toast bread with air fryers. Damn! This keeps getting better. Let me tell you how! I’m sure by now you already have an air fryer, if you don’t, you need to get one for yourself ASAP.

Who needs a toaster when you have an air fryer? With an air fryer, you have so many appliances in one. 

To toast with an air fryer, just put your bread (the way you like it toasted) in the air fryer and put your air fryer at 400 F (Fahrenheit), then wait for 2-4 minutes, flip, and wait again. You can do this one bread at a time so you can get your desired crispy toast bread.

Use your air fryer for deep-frying

for deep frying - ways to use your air fryer

What is that meal you enjoy deep-frying? Chips, potatoes, buns, egg rolls, puff-puff? Whatever it may be. It is time to deep-fry them with less oil. No worries! You will still get the best result. Set your air fryer to 325 F – 350 F, then leave food in the air fryer for 10-20 minutes. Also, if you are using a recipe book, do well to follow the timing. Because timing varies for some meals.

Use your air fryer to make crunchy french fries

for crunchy french fries - ways to use your air fryer

If you love yummy and crunchy french fries you can dip in a bowl filled with ketchup, mayonnaise, garlic sauce, stew, or barbecue sauce. There is this yummy relationship between potatoes and air fryer. It is left to you to make them work. Leave french fries in air fryer for less than 10 minutes.

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Enjoy a well-cooked steak

for cooking steak - ways to use your air fryer

Within 10 – 15 minutes, you will have a cooked steak with an air fryer. It will cook your steak to perfection; yummy and soft. Your air fryer will also ensure you do not eat undercooked steak which is not healthy. 

However, check it, flip it, and make sure it is perfect before taking out your steak. 

Who needs a grill when you have an air fryer?

for grilling - ways to use your air fryer

Still in awe of how much you can use your air fryer? Well, this one will blow your mind. I’m sure. If you are not already using your air fryer to grill your meat, fish, and veggies, then you need to start now.  Start by putting your air fryer at 360 degrees, preheat for a while, then mix your seasonings and spice with food put it in the air fryer for about 10-15 minutes, then your grilled meal is ready.

Who needs a grill when you have an air fryer? This will also limit your use of the grill and protect you from grill-related accidents. 

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If there is one thing I love about the air fryer? It is the ability to help you save costs. Because when you have the air fryer, it is like having over 15 appliances in one. 

Let me give you another tip on how to use your air fryer. “If you think your air fryer can cook it, don’t think twice. Go for it.” What’s the best that could happen?

Now let me ask you. What meal have you made with your air fryer? And what would you rate your air fryer over 15? Mine will be 15/15.

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