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Big Mop with Long Handle for Industrial Use in Hotels, and Restaurants

  • This Big mop with long handle can be used for industrial purposes and in hotels and restaurants. 
  • It was designed for use in commercial places to clean large expanse areas.
  • You can hold the handle for a long time because it has a firm and nonslip grip.
  • It is the best tool for cleaning your factory, hotel, or restaurant because it can clean a large area in a short period of time. 
  • The large mop head can be easily detached from the handle to clean by hand or with a machine. 
  • The mop head is made of absorbent cotton that absorbs soap and water effectively.
  • It can be used to clean any type of surface or floor.
  • The handle will not break, rust, or bend easily. 
  • Effective for industrial and commercial use.

Caution Wet Floor Sign for Industrial Use in Hotels and Restaurants

  • This Caution wet floor sign for Industrial use, Hotels, and Restaurants is made of high-quality PE material.
  • It is foldable in three ways.
  • It will not bend or break easily.
  • It is easy to spread when in use and easy to pack up when not in use.
  • It does not take up too much space. 
  • When used, those around or nearby can clearly see the printed words on it to avoid wet floor accidents in the hotel, restaurant, or any industrial place. 
  • It can be used when you just finish mopping or washing the floor in a public place or place of business. 
  • It is colorful and easy to see.
  • You can also clean it when it gets dirty with a damp cloth without damaging the letters printed on it. 

Industrial Mop Bucket – 36L, 20L for Hotels and Restaurants

  • A must-have for hotels, restaurants, and every commercial organization that prioritizes a clean environment for their business and customers.
  •  It comes in sizes 36L and 20L.
  • It can be used for commercial and industrial purposes.
  • This mop bucket comes in yellow color
  • Has a handle wringer where you can wring your mop while you clean. It makes mopping and floor cleaning seamless.
  • It comes with heavy-duty rubber wheel swivel castors and a heavy-duty handle for easy carriage.
  • The best tool for cleaning a large expanse area.
  • It can clean a large area in a short period of time.
  • Easy to move the mop bucket from one place to another with the swivel wheels under the bucket. 
  • Ergonomically designed for hotels, restaurants, and other commercial places.

Industrial Sweeper Dust Mop 40cm, 50cm for Hotels, and Restaurants

  • This Industrial Sweeper Dust Mop 40cm, 50cm for Hotels, and Restaurants is a great need for many hotels and restaurants. 
  • After mopping or washing your floor, you need this industrial sweeper dust mop to dry up the wet floor. 
  • It dries up the floor in a matter of minutes. 
  • It has a large mop head and a comfortable grip handle that you can use to clean the floor and also to clear cobwebs or dirt on walls and furnitures.
  • It is suitable for any floor type and can also sometimes act as a mop. 
  • It can clean a large area in a short period of time.
  •  It simplifies cleaning and makes work easier and faster. 
  • It has a water absorbent mop head that absorbs water from wet floors when used.
  • A must use for industrial and commercial places such as hotels and restaurants.

Mop and Broom Holder, Cleaning Tools Wall Mount Hanger – 6 Clips for Homes, Hotels, and Restaurants

  • This Mop and Broom Holder, Cleaning Tools Wall Mount Hanger for Homes, Hotels, and Restaurants is what you need to organize your storeroom at home or in your place of business like hotels or restaurants.
  • A mop and broom holder comes with 6 clips that ensure you keep all your cleaning tools in one place. 
  • It has a tight and firm holder that holds your mop, broom, and every other cleaning tool in your home, hotel, or restaurant. 
  • It is easy to install
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy
  • Valuable
  • It is made of strong, lightweight, and durable plastic material. 
  • The clips are strong and will not easily break.
  •  It is long-lasting
  • A great addition to your cleaning corner. 
  • A must-have in homes, hotels, and restaurants.