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1. Do I need to buy all kitchen utensils available to have a functional kitchen?

No you don’t have to buy all kitchen utensil available to have a functional kitchen. Your kitchen utensil need will depend on your frequency of cooking, type of meal prepared and the size of prepared meals.

2. Do you sell professional cookware used in hotels and restaurants?

Yes we do. We have a wide array of professional cookware, bake ware, utensils and appliances on the category pages of our website.

3. I have a quote that requires me buying your products in large quantity. How do I contact you about this?

Simply send us a mail at enquiry@kitchessence.com or call/chat us on 08148105095; detailing your request and we will send you discounted wholesale prices on your request.

4. I have a project for a commercial kitchen; can you fulfil it?

Yes we help with the kitchenware need of commercial kitchens. We understand your need for professional and commercial cookware, utensils, knives and the rest so we help you source for the best kitchenware that will fit your commercial need.

5. What storage need would you recommend for an ideal kitchen?

For an ideal kitchen, we recommend storage that contributes to a clean and a neatly arranged kitchen without taking up much space for easy movement during meal preparation and family times.

6. How do I decide what I really need in my kitchen?

You decide what your kitchen needs are based on your kitchen space, cooking need and budget.

7. Do you do kitchen remodeling?

Not for now. We will send notifications via our website and social media handles when we commence kitchen remodelling service..

8. Do you do kitchen designs?

Not for now. We will definitely notify you through our website and social media handles when we commence kitchen design service..

9. What if what I need at the moment is not available on your social media handles or on your website?

Simply send us a mail detailing the specifics of what you want and we will revert informing you of the availability of the product and delivery timeline.

10. Do you provide tailor made services to customers?

Yes we do. Simply send us a mail or chat us up. And we will revert within 24 hours

11. How am I sure that what I ordered for is what I will get?

At Kitchessence, the specific product you order is what you will receive. We have put processes and systems in place to eradicate shipping the wrong item to customers.

12. Why do you allow only prepaid orders?

We allow only prepaid orders so as to continue to provide you with top quality products and services as well as ensure timely delivery of products.

13. Some of your products are delicate, how am I certain that the product I order for will get to me in good condition?

The products you order from us will get to you in perfect condition because we ensure products are well packaged to withstand shipping processes.

14. Can I pick up my orders from your store??

Of course you can. Kindly note that orders are ready for pick up 24 hours after making online payment. Kindly visit our CONTACT US PAGE for information about our store.

15. How soon do I receive my products after making an order?
  • For Lagos, we deliver within 36 Hours.
  • For Abuja, Portharcourt,
  • Abeokuta and Ibadan, we deliver within 48 Hours.
  • For other cities, we deliver within 3 business days
16. How soon do I receive my products after making an order?

Kindly see the answer to questions 11 and 12 above.

17. How secure is your payment platform?

Our payment platform is secure because we use Paystack which provides the easiest and most reliable payment solution for businesses anywhere in the world.

18. Can I make a return?

Of course, you can make a return. Our return policy is easy. Kindly find it on our return policy page

19. What are the conditions for returning an item?

Kindly visit ( return policy page ) For a detailed information on our return policy.

20. How do I initiate a return for a qualified item?

You initiate a return for a qualified item by simply sending an email to returns@kitchessence.com detailing the product details and the reasons for return. You will receive a response on the pickup of the item if it qualifies for a return.

21. Who bears the cost of shipping the returned item?

Kitchessence bears the cost of shipping back the return item with no expense charged to you.

22. What are the options available to me when I return an item?

The options available are:

  1. We change the product in case of manufacturers default or
  2. Exchange it for another product of your choice or
  3. Send you a refund or
  4. Offer you a store credit to be used within 30 Days.
23. How soon will I be refunded after successfully initiating a return?

You will be refunded within 7 working days of receipt of the returned item.


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