About us

At Kitchessence we believe the kitchen is a beautiful place to be; creatively churning savory and sumptuous meals using quality, healthy, durable and functional kitchenware.

We know how stressful and difficult cooking can be using unreliable kitchen appliances and other unreliable kitchenware products.

Therefore at Kitchessence; we are obsessively passionate about offering you quality, durable and functional kitchenware.

We cover everything kitchen: cookware, bakeware, Kitchen appliances, dinnerware, glassware, kitchen linens and kitchen accessories. Our mission is to help you create and enjoy delightful kitchens.

We are excited to make the kitchen a delightful place for both our individual customers and corporate clients.

CEO of Kitchessence


Our Story

As an only girl among four brothers. And being the first child, I started kitchen ‘runs’ early. As early as when I was 10 years of age I could all by myself cook a complete meal. Though I loved cooking, I believed there were simpler, easier and more creative ways of cooking using the right kitchen equipment.

My love for TV Cook Shows exposed me to modern, quality and highly functional kitchen equipment. I looked forward to having my own kitchen with all the kitchenware of my dream.

But there was a snag; when it was time to shop for my kitchenware, I realized how difficult it was getting quality and durable kitchenware. It then dawned on me that there were Kitchen enthusiast, Cooks and Professional chefs  who were in my shoes.

I therefore embarked on a journey of learning and discovery and this journey birthed KITCHESSENCE.

Our Customers

We have catered for over 350 individual customers and 12 Corporate Clients which include Hotels, Restaurants and lounges

Customers Testimonials

Kitchessence is who they say they are. They sell valuable and long-lasting kitchen ware. I got a pot set from them and I have been using it for a long time now. No scratch. No rust. And their delivery is smooth and trustworthy. You can even pay on their site. I enjoyed their service and I look forward to doing more business with them
client review for kitchessence
Getting my blender and nonstick pot from Kitchessence is a beautiful experience for me. She walked me through and helped me choose the right blender. The blender works so well and delivers great result everytime I use it. Not to forget the nonstick pots, I have been using it now for over 6 months and the nonstick is still intact. Thanks for the video on how to make the nonstick pot last long; it really helped. Keep up the good work.
client review for kitchessence
Best store to get quality kitchenware in Lagos Nigeria, I highly recommend them
customer reveiw for kitchessence

We look forward to helping you with your kitchenware need. Kindly reach out to us today.

Every delighted customer adds a brick to our structure of existence