Sunnex 8 Litres Each Double Tank Juice Dispenser for Hotels and Restaurants


  • Used for pouring and serving liquid drinks or beverages.
  • It has a double tank that can dispense liquid from two places.
  • Made from high-quality steel and clear plastic.
  • Each tank is 8 liters each with high storage capacity for your beverages.
  • Can be used to serve juice, iced tea, milk, soda, and other beverages.
  • Made by the well-known home appliance brand – Sunnex
  • The double tank is a polycarbonated bowl that is strong, sturdy, and unbreakable.
  • The double tank is made of clear plastic.
  • This juicer is a low-noise appliance.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Used in homes or for commercial purposes in hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, fast food, etc.
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This Sunnex Double Tank Juice Dispenser is used for pouring juice or liquid content for drinking in homes, hotels, restaurants, and for other commercial uses. It has a double tank which means you can pour out liquid from two different places at once. The base is made of stainless steel and each tank is 8 liters each. The brand, Sunnex is a well-known brand for high-quality home appliances like this double-tank juicer. The juicer has low noise and the amount of liquid being dispensed can be controlled. The food-grade tank is a strong, sturdy, and unbreakable polycarbonate bowl made of clear plastic. It has a high liquid storage capacity. It can be used to serve juice, iced tea, soda, milk, water, and any beverage of your choice. You can also put ice in the other container to get cold drinks dispensed from both tanks. 

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