Woven Wicker Bread Basket With Transparent Roll UP Lid for Homes and Restaurants

  • It can be used for both serving and storage purposes.
  • Used to serve bread, fruits, vegetables, and other meals.
  • Storage space for food products, clothes, accessories, jewelry, makeup and skincare products, and other general household items.
  • It can also serve decorative purposes when used in storing items in any part of the home.
  • Comes in different sizes: Oval and round. 
  • Comes with a handle.
  • It can be used to showcase or display your meals, kitchen items, or household items.
  • Easy to clean, durable, sturdy, and versatile.
  • Can be cleaned by using a damp cloth and leaving it to dry.
  • Can be used to carry fruits, food, and other items during a picnic date.
  • Easy to carry around
  • It can be used in restaurants, homes, hotels, and everywhere.