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Stainless Steel Stir Fry Skimmer for Hotels and Restaurants

  • This Stainless Steel Stir Fry Skimmer for Homes, Hotels, and Restaurants is made of high-quality stainless steel material.
  • It will not rust or break when being used. 
  • It is long-lasting.
  • It does not retain food stains or odor. 
  • it is easy to wash. 
  • The head of the skimmer is made of strong original mesh with a wide rim. 
  • It is a great tool for stir-frying.
  •  It can be used for straining oil from fried foods. 
  • It can also be held when frying over a big hot oil, mostly in commercial kitchens. 
  • It comes in different sizes depending on your preference and the type of cooking you need to do with it. 
  • The long stainless steel handle ensures your hands are protected when it is used in hot oil. 
  • It is long and can be held for a long period of time because of its comfortable grip. 
  • It can be used in the home, hotel, or restaurant for cooking and preparation like heating food on an open fire, baking, slicing, peeling, grinding, mixing, blending, measuring, etc.