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Gold Hammer Ice Bucket for Champagne, Beer, and Wine for Hotels and Restaurants

  • This Gold Hammer Ice Bucket can be used for keeping ice and drinks like champagne, beer, wine, and other soft drinks to make it cold, especially at parties or ceremonies where fridges or freezers are not available. 
  • This is a special golden, aesthetically pleasing ice bucket with a special design. 
  • It has a strong and durable surface.
  • A classy and pretty gold hammer ice bucket for displaying your drinks while maintaining it coldness when selling or advertising to customers. 
  • It can also serve as a punch bowl. 
  • There is no drink you cannot place in this bowl.
  • It is high quality. 
  • It won’t rust. 
  • It is long-lasting. 
  • Easy to clean. 
  • It does not leak, and it does not cause water residue at the bottom like traditional ice buckets. 
  • It keeps everywhere neat and tidy. 
  • A must-have for your drink business.