Our priority is access to quality, durable, stylish, modern and functional kitchenware.

Our Mission

Creating and enhancing delightful kitchens

What We Offer

We offer durable, quality, contemporary, functional and stylish kitchenware that make cooking easy, creative and fun.

The kitchen in essence is a place of warmth, laughter and joy where family times and memories are shared and cherished in the midst of preparing and enjoying healthy meals. A kitchen should be a place of ease, comfort, beauty and tranquility. Your kitchen need not be a work station but a place of churning out healthy sumptuous family meals in comfort, style, ease and delight.

What you should know

Our Story

My love for kitchen started way back to when I was a child. As an only girl and the first of 5 siblings, I started kitchen “runs” early. My mother being a true African woman sang into my ears the need to love cooking and do kitchen chores. I dared not play while she was cooking. The kitchen became my favourite spot in the house. As such, I loved arranging and rearranging it.

At thirteen, I was already preparing meals for the whole family.

In as much as I loved my mum’s cooking, I couldn’t comprehend for instance why I had to grind tomatoes and pepper on grinding stone while a blender could do it effectively and in little time.

My love for cook shows exposed me to modern kitchen appliances that make cooking easy and fun.

Thus, I couldn’t wait to have my dream kitchen; to have my desired modern kitchen gadgets and appliances and the beautiful kitchen interiors that I have always desired.

There was however a snag; and the snag was accessing quality and durable kitchenware.

To overcome this, I went on a journey of discovery and learning.

The outcome of this discovery birthed KITCHESSENCE.

Kitchessence is an online and offline kitchenware store with a dedication to ensuring that you enjoy a delightful kitchen by providing you with functional and durable cookware, bakeware, dinnerware, kitchen appliances, utensils and all other kitchen essentials.

Our products are well described providing detailed explanations in clear terms about the usefulness of each product to ensure that you purchase the right product for the right purpose.

its been 4 years of serving our esteemed customers. Ensuring that they get durable, quality, functional and reliable products. Our customer base has grown by 100% mainly through referrals by satisfied customers and we are here to serve you too.

Our priority is ensuring you have access to quality, durable, stylish, modern and functional kitchenware that stands the test of time.

We provide tailor made kitchen solutions to our customers who desire it.

Every satisfied customer adds a brick to our structure of existence.

Lydia Olatunji, CEO - Kitchessence

We have been equipping homes for sometime


Our Products

Our products line are: 

  • Cookware
  • Bakeware
  • Dining & Entertainment
  • Appliances
  • Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets
  • Kitchen & Table Top Accessories
  • Cutlery & Knife Accessories
  • Kitchen & Table Linens
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Storage & Organisation
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Disposables
  • Coffee, Tea & Espresso
  • Travel & To-Go Drink & Foodware

Why Choose Us

  • 15 days return policy + FREE easy pick up return from your location.
  • 24 hours fast delivery within Lagos & Fast delivery timeline outside Lagos
  • You get detailed product information that helps you make the right choice
  • We guide you through your purchase journey as you can call or chat with us.
  • For supplies and bulk purchases, we give you the best wholesale rate.

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